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Hair color is an amazing combination of science and art. I believe you need to truly understand the "why's" and "how's" of your craft before you can be the artist you want to be. THE BLONDE PROJECT is a 6 week class series that will dive into the foundational skills necessary for you to thrive behind the chair. Jump start your career as a blonde/color specialist.

XO- Professor Blondie Pants

Why did I feel compelled to create THE BLONDE PROJECT?

I’ve felt something was missing in our industry for a long time! This is like a “post-graduate” program for stylists who want to master the foundational skills of blonding and haircolor! Salon reality is so different from school and we need something to bridge the gap!


What will the program look like?

The program will be broken into 6 classes that will focus on foundational skills and knowledge. Each class is 4 hours on Mondays. There will be some theory followed by hands on mannequin work. Each stylist will be responsible for bringing models to practice their skills.

One of my favorite parts of this program is the small intimate setting! For each session, I will only have 5-6 spots. This will give each person tons of individual attention!

How do I register?

Press this button!!!! The first session will be in October 2019

How much does it cost & what is included?

Tuition is $1,000 for the entire 6 week course. We will provide the color products and a mannequin and you will bring your own tools and find models. This program will cover: the chemistry of color, how to choose placements, hands on foil work and hand painting, toning, color melting, baby lights, pre-toning, consultations, business building.