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Hair color is an amazing combination of science and art. I will give you the why’s and how’s behind the color process. If you are just out of school or want to freshen up your skills, these classes are for everyone. Trends change and so staying ahead of the curve is vital to stay relevant and fresh! Check out my fall lineup and register now, because class sizes are intimate.

XO- Professor Blondie Pants



11/05/19 10AM- 3PM /$350.00

This is by far my favorite class to teach. I sucked at science in school, but apply it to hair and it all makes sense! In this course, we will talk about ph, porosity, developers, neutralizing, intensifying, grey coverage, creative formulation and treatments! Get ready to become the mad scientist you’ve always dreamed of. 


11/12/19 10AM-4PM $350.00

Foiling has endless possibilities of placements and outcomes. Do t be overwhelmed! I’m here to help. Foils give you the power to lift to the bright blondes of your dreams. This course will go over my foil folding method, weaving, foil-yage, and solid blonde. Toning and shadow-root basics. 


11/19/19 10AM-4PM $350

Feel confident choosing the right technique for every guest! Let’s BREAK IT DOWN!!!! There are millions of hair photos on Pinterest and infinite paths to get there. Don’t get stuck just doing one technique all the time. Expand your repertoire!


11/26/19 10AM- 2PM $250

The secret weapon of blonding is toning and depth! It customized your blondes and gives it the pop people are craving. In this course we will dive into formulating tones, smudge and gloss application, and great lowlight placements. 


12/3/19 10AM-1PM $100

There’s so much more to being a successful stylist than just technical skills. Being able to ask the right questions and connect with your guest are honestly way more important. This course will go over consultations, pricing, communication and business building. 



Need all the basics? Invest in yourself. This series has all 5 basic courses and the model day. You will get a crash course in everything from the basics to creative. These classes will be scheduled in small groups and you must inquire for date listings. 

How do I register?

Class sizes are intimate so message Andi to reserve your spot. You will get a link that will take you to the class registration you are interested in.