About Us

Welcome! As stylists and business owners we believe that collaboration is Magical! Yes, yes...the old collaboration over competition line...but it's so true!!! The more we look to each other for support and advice, the better we all become. There really is room for everyone at the top! We can't wait to see you there ❤️

-Andi & Rebekah


Bringing together hair professionals, salon owners, and supporting businesses in a magical collaborative setting that elevates, nurtures and empowers them on their journey. (...and have fun, duh!)

What We Do 


Gatherings are larger events that include a theme with speakers, vendors to shop, food, swag and fun!

Creative Socials

Smaller meetups to get your creative juices flowing. These will be fun workshops around Columbus. 

Owner Roundtables

Like minded business owners meet to discuss our challenges, successes, and offer support for growth. 

Gathering-Together We Plan

This gathering is all about planning for a successful 2024!

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