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teamwork at b/rose

If you’ve ever been a guest at b/rose beauty bar, you’ve caught a special vibe as soon as you walk in. 

You’ll find each of us smiling here more than you will at other places. Unlike many salons, you’ll notice team members helping each other in order to stay on schedule and deliver a better experience for you. In fact, it’s not uncommon to receive services from one, two, or even three people before you leave. It’s all part of our purpose of making your day.

By structuring our business on what’s known as a “team-based” system, it allows us to function more efficiently and allows more flexibility for our guests. Can’t get in with your favorite stylist or maybe just want to try someone else? Go for it! We don’t mind—we actually love it!

Imagine the possibilities when you have an entire team of beauty experts at your fingertips catering to your needs on your schedule. The focus of our entire team is to ensure every guest’s day is being made.

So next time you feel like switching it up a little, just let us know. After all, variety is the spice of life!



meet our team



Stylist, Co-owner

Rebekah is a hairstylist and co-owner of b/rose beauty bar. She has had the privilege of working in many facets of the beauty industry including commission-based and independent contractor salons, backstage doing wigs and makeup for theater and movie productions, and on-stage as an educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems. Her years of experiences and education have guided her to her focus at b/ rose. When she is behind the chair, she is creating beautiful colors and cuts for our guests as well as mentoring newer team members. Rebekah is passionate about building a team and a company that supports creativity, teamwork, and growth and a refreshing alternative for stylists and guests to be a part of.



Stylist, Co-owner

Andi is a hairstylist and co-owner of b/rose beauty bar. For years she worked as a national color educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems and is now using that experience to grow an unsurpassed team of beauty professionals. Andi loves all aspects of the beauty industry, but what she is most passionate about is incredible hair color and creating new and innovative ways to improve the guest experience.



Stylist, Team Leader

Sarah has been with b/ rose beauty bar since day one as a hair stylist and leader. She loves being a part of the b/ rose team because every team member brings something unique to the table. All minds come together to create the best experience for each and every one of our guests. Sarah loves to make people look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside and for that she feels truly rewarded. Through the years, she has found her niche in hair cutting and men's hair cutting, but enjoys every service we provide for our wonderful guests.




Amber is a ray of sunshine at b/rose beauty bar—her kindness and enthusiasm are contagious! She has a passion for the beauty industry and helps to create an amazing experience for all of our guests. Amber loves styling hair; she could curl hair all day and never get bored! Amber also loves the team culture at b/rose beauty bar and feels her talented coworkers challenge her to be her very best and has made her passion for hair feel more alive.




Kristen is a stylist at b/rose beauty bar. She is graduate of Paul Mitchell The School Columbus and is passionate about learning everything she can about the beauty industry. Currently Kristen is certifying in the b/rose Style Specialist program and makeup! She is such a calm spirit and can make everyone feel relaxed and at ease.



Salon Consultant & Skin Expert

Jo is a recent graduate of Regency Beauty Institute. She loves the beauty & fashion industry because it’s always changing and there’s always something new to learn. Fashion allows her to be creative without permanent changes and her style is always on point! While in school, Jo fell in love with makeup and skincare. She feels makeup is a fun artistic outlet and loves the versatility of going big or keeping it natural. She is passionate about helping you find your inner beauty and showcasing it.